Some of our followers have been asking about the next Playwriting Competition. We apologize to have kept you waiting.

As you know, we had hoped to make the Competition a yearly event, but that proved to be overly optimistic. We had a lot to learn about the practical realities of production: namely, they take more time, money and human resources than we anticipated. In fact, we are still in the process of presenting our first round of winners.

In broad strokes, here is what we have in mind for our next contest: We envision narrowing the focus to emerging playwrights and works that are still in progress. The winners would be invited to a weekend workshop that might include personalized critiques, table readings by actors, coaching from theatre professionals, and a public reading. We hope to announce a call for submissions in early 2020.

As always, thank you for your interest, your support, and your patience as we grow our little theatre. Like a good marinara, it takes time – and love!

Tanti auguri,



One thought on “Update on 2020 Playwriting Competition

  1. Hi, I believe you did enough for 1st year of this theatre..looking forward to following thru year 2…

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