IATC Playwriting Submissions –  2023 and Beyond

The IATC hopes to announce its policy for accepting scripts for consideration sometime early in 2024. The possibility of future competitions and/or themed calls for plays will also be evaluated. In the meantime, we are grateful to the  writers who have approached us during the pandemic darkness and ask their patience. It is heartening to know that the Italian American experience continues to inspire many with its rich trove of stories and characters. Stay tuned!

Evaluation Questions for Submitting Playwrights 

As in the past, when evaluating the merits of a submission, we will consider how well the work addresses the following questions:

Does the play clearly deal with one or more aspects of the Italian American experience, past or present? Does it treat the subject with honesty in an original and compelling way? Does it avoid stereotype and generalization?

Does the play contribute to the larger conversation about immigration and its impact on individuals, families and society? Whether set in the present or the past, does it raise questions or inspire ideas that contemporary Italian Americans may be uniquely suited to address for the common good?

Is the play well written? Whether comedy, tragedy or history, does it demonstrate an understanding of the basic elements of drama: well-developed characters; a conflict-driven plot; lively dialogue; an engaging setting; and an underlying theme that raises important questions?

Does the playwright have a strong voice and a clear point of view? Can a contemporary audience relate to both? 

Does the play have the potential to touch and change an audience in a positive, life-enhancing way? Will theatre goers come away with a deeper understanding or fresh insight, a new perspective or a change of heart?

Can the play be presented effectively as a staged reading, with modest or no set, a  limited number of characters (12 or fewer), and reasonable technical demands? (Playwrights, keep in mind that the IATC does not yet have Broadway resources!)